Vehicle Accidents

Have you been injured in a vehicle accident?


We represent individuals injured in car and truck accidents throughout the state of North Carolina.  If you were involved in an accident that was not your fault, and the other party’s insurance company denies liability or refuses to pay what you believe you deserve for your injuries, call us immediately.  We will evaluate your case at not cost to you.  Call us at (919) 899-9404.

Car and truck accidents happen every day throughout the state.  Some cases are settled easily between insurance companies.  But in other cases, the actual damages — including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering not reflected in those actual costs — exceed what an insurance company is willing to pay.

If you have been injured in an accident and you believe you are entitled to more than the other driver’s insurance is willing to pay, call us immediately.  If we are able to take on your case, we take accident injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you would not be required to pay any legal fees up front.