Raleigh and Durham DWI & Criminal Defense Attorney Ben Hiltzheimer has worked hard to earn the trust of his clients.  Below are reviews from actual clients of Mr. Hiltzheimer.  Every case is different, and there are no guarantees about the outcome of any individual case, but what we can guarantee is that we will fight for the best possible outcome at every step of the way.

If you’re in need of a lawyer who believes in justice and fights your fight like it was his own, I highly recommend Ben H.

Highly Recommended with proven results.

If anyone needs a criminal lawyer Ben is you who you want representing you.
I was the victim of a domestic situation in which I found myself in a fight or flight position. This reaction resulted in numerous counts of felonies charges to include Assault with intent. These charges took a huge impact on my life and my career.
I am happy to say that Ben was able to accept my case. During the initial consult he gave me his full attention, He listened to my side of the story and he demonstrated a caring genuine concern for the type of charges I had endure. He expressed his passion for justice, and in my case I had been dealt an unfair hand.

Ben worked diligently on my case. His professionalism was amazingly outstanding, He always returned calls, he made himself accessible at all times. I was able to communicate with him round the clock ( 7/24) with every concern and questions.
Considering the sensitivity of the severe charges I was given, Ben was able to successfully clear me 100% from all charges. Ben demonstrated his knowledge, experience and passion for justice through these results.

I am eternally grateful for all the hard work he did on my behalf. I am now able to get back to my life and career.

Thank You Ben Hiltzheimer.

I truly believe that your understanding of the DUI trial process, dedication and the way you handled the case saved me

Could not ask for better legal representation than Ben Hiltzheimer

After 4.5 years, my case finally came to a close. Ben Hiltzheimer worked my case diligently all that time. Had the unfortunate circumstance of being charged with DWI during a traffic checkpoint and have never found myself otherwise needing any legal representation, I could not have found a better lawyer than Ben. He always came across as patient, non-judgmental, steadfast, and thorough through the end. His intimate knowledge of the complicated legal system, his experience in a variety of complicated cases, and his thoughtful strategy assured that my end outcome ended up as a case dismissal – a huge blessing and relief to say the least. I don’t know that I would have ended up with the same result if I did not have Ben working my case over 4.5 years. Ben never gave up. I am deeply grateful for Ben’s time and patience in working my case, and would highly recommend him for anyone needing legal representation.

Mr. Hiltzheimer proved I was not guilty

Mr. Hiltzheimer stuck with me for over two and a half years through my DWI case in wake county. He is a very experienced criminal defense attorney. I would highly recommend Mr. Hiltzheimer as your attorney because he is extremely educated in NC law. In the end Mr. Hiltzheimer proved that I was not guilty and my case was dismissed.

Trust in Ben, He will never fail your. Possibly the best attorney in NC.

I was charged with DWI/FTMSL. I searched around for the best lawyers I can find. Save your self the time and hire Ben trust me i couldn’t find better. I will recommend him to every and anyone who is in need of legal representation.

I have to say Ben is one of the most professional person I have ever met. He handled my slightly complicated, arduous DWI/FTMSL case with grace. His compassion, thoroughness, and ability to navigate through the legal process was impeccable.

Despite my anxiety, barrage of questions, and worrying he was able to make me feel better every time I spoke to him. After a long and hard year of waiting on my blood results he was able to get my case dismissed. He really cares about his clients and treats them with respect.

The only thing i wish i did was shake his hand after my case was dismissed, he really saved me(he probably had another case lol). Forever be grateful for his help.

I recommend this firm with the utmost confidence

I recommend this firm with the utmost confidence. I had an unfortunate incident in early 2015 where I ended up fighting a DWI charge. I was extremely nervous and frightened going into this nightmare and I felt that I was wrongly arrested but unsure what to do. I reached out and set up a few consultations with lawyers in the area and one of them was Ben Hiltzheimer. I ended up choosing Ben to represent me because he was very thorough in the consultation and confident in the case while not making empty promises. In what turned into a long, tedious process Ben made me feel comfortable and was always there when I had a question.

In the end, we won my case and the charge was dropped. He helped me keep my life together after a terrible scenario. I cannot thank him enough. But I do strongly encourage you to reach out to the firm like I did. Thank you for everything.

Benjamin will be prepared and most of all can nail the longshots

I’ve done my research before I decided to hire Benjamin for his services. For me, it was a interview and I was the interviewer for the interview. If I was going to pay for a lawyer, I wanted to make sure I felt my side of the story would be properly represented. Ben was my second interview, the first was a lawyer from a close friend and a third was my cousin (from out of state) he was only able to refer. To make matters a bit more interesting I needed a lawyer who would be available 3 days later for a court date. No I didn’t wait until the last minute. But when I got the ticket for DUI I was ordered to appear that same week.

When I arrived, I met with Ben of Benjamin Hiltzheimer, not someone who represented the firm, but the actual person who was eventually going to represent me. When I walked into his office and sat down, his focus was on my case, no interruptions (phone calls, emails or a knock at the door). We spoke for about 45 min. by the end of the conversation I knew he was the right lawyer. I felt even if my case wasn’t won, he would do his best for a favorable outcome.

Indeed it was the right choice. Within 24 hours communication begun, it was a Tuesday when I met him, Wednesday when communication begun, Thursday was another meeting with details about my case and on Friday we were in court.

Getting in contact with Benjamin was very easy and he always responded within 24 hours, although 90% of the time it was within a few hours. I was sent court reminders 3 days prior (including the court room number) and any requested documents was easily handled through our online portal. Any question I left was answered almost immediately. Communication between myself and Benjamin was beyond my expected expectations.

Now for the handling of my case, I never in my life seen what transpired for my case, nor will I ever again. Benjamin and his staff helped me with all the paper work needed for worst case scenario. I would have my limited driving privileges by the time I left the courthouse that day.

Two days before my trial, Benjamin and I discussed our attack plan. He was direct and honest. And let me know my case wasn’t the worst he seen but definitely not the best. Ben never sugared coated the possible outcomes of my case. He also said “It’s a longshot, but we do have a chance and this is what we are going to do…”, that further impressed a me, he managed expectations and more importantly, didn’t close the case before the trial.

What is wisdom? It’s not only what you know, but knowing when to apply it. During my trial I seen this wisdom. Before my trial we went over our plan (again per my request). Benjamin listened to all my concerns and that I was willing to take the stand. I was more then willing to take the stand in my defense, but also I told him that I would let him make the call when the time came. During the trial, prosecution made their case, interviewing the arresting officer and presented the information provided by the officer. I have no ill will towards the officer, they do there job like the rest of us.

Here where is when the application of knowledge is applied. After the prosecutor rested their wasn’t the normal cross examination by the defense. During the officer’s testimony I had many objections about what transpired that night. Ben looked at me and said “I’m not going to ask any questions”. Was I surprised? Absolutely but as we discussed, I would let him make that call when the time came (after all that’s what I hired him for) and I trusted him. After the prosecutor finished, the judge asked if we would like to cross examine. Ben replied “No, judge. We have no questions”. It wasn’t because Benjamin wasn’t prepared, because we had pictures, maps and video, he also had court case judgements to refer too. What was it? It was Benjamin’s understanding of the law, the judge, and the current situation and the understanding how to apply the knowledge. As a result my case was dismissed.

Excellent law firm – Highly Recommend

We needed a good and experienced lawyer to handle a criminal summons case. My husband started a new job and was suspended from work due to this summons. So impressed and thankful for the Hiltzheimer law firm. They were so professional, so experienced and able to resolve this very quickly. Thanks to Hiltzheimer law firm and their fast action, my husband was able to return to work. Highly recommend Hiltzheimer-Law Office -extremely experienced, professional, and will work hard to help you.

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