Criminal Defense Attorney in Raleigh & Durham

Criminal defense is all we do, and we are committed to the rights of the accused in the State and Federal Courts of North Carolina. Founding criminal lawyer Ben Hiltzheimer was trained by the nation’s preeminent public defender agency, the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia, by some of the most talented defense attorneys in the country. A resident of Durham, North Carolina since 2012, he brings his substantial training and experience to fight on behalf of the accused in North Carolina.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, everything is on the line. We have represented individuals charged with the full spectrum of criminal offenses, and we understand that a criminal charge doesn’t define who you are. Countless people are falsely accused of crimes because police are overzealous and incentivized to make arrests. Countless others are charged with conduct that has no business in the criminal courts. And sometimes, people make mistakes, or simply cross the line, and need help through a hard situation.

We take the view that people shouldn’t be judged by their darkest moments, and it is our mission to fight for you, both in and out of court, when you find yourself accused of a crime. Whether it’s a misdemeanor offense such as a drug possession, a DWI, shoplifting, or larceny, or a felony breaking and entering, drug distribution/PWISD, child pornography, or first-degree murder, we are committed to fighting on your behalf.  Whether your defense is self-defense, or mis-identification, or that the state simply can’t prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, our experienced trial attorneys will fight for you both inside and outside the courtroom.

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