This section of our site is devoted to providing information about DWI charges (also known as DUI, drunk driving, and driving while impaired / intoxicated), tailored for those who have been charged with Driving While Impaired. We have compiled a set of Frequently Asked Questions, a DWI Sentencing Outline describing the range of sentencing factors that will determine the penalties assigned for a DWI conviction based on the facts of the case, a section outlining and explaining the North Carolina DWI Law itself, as well as a section on DWI Rights, where we discuss the rights of an individual accused of driving while impaired at various stages of the legal process, from the initial traffic stop onward. We also host a North Carolina DWI Blog, covering a range of topics, all relating to DWIs and related drunk driving charges in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill (Orange County), Chatham County, and the entire Triangle area (and also applicable statewide).

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Post-DWI Limited Driving Privilege

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