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Aggresive criminal defense representation in Raleigh, NC
Hilzheimer Law Office, PLLC offers aggressive criminal defense representation in Raleigh, NC (Wake County)

Those facing serious criminal charges have their lives on the line. A criminal conviction can change the course of your life. At the very least, a criminal conviction will be a major interruption in your life. In more serious cases, you may lose your job, your family, and even your freedom. Everything should be done to prevent a conviction, starting with choosing an experienced, dedicated Raleigh criminal defense lawyer to represent you.

At Hiltzheimer Law Office, PLLC, we are committed to the rights of the accused. We handle cases in both state and federal courts across North Carolina. We also focus our entire practice on criminal defense, so regardless of the type of allegations you are facing, we can help.

The founder of Hiltzheimer Law Office, PLLC, Attorney Ben Hiltzheimer, was trained by some of the most talented defense attorneys in the country while at the nation’s preeminent public defender agency, the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia. Here, Attorney Hiltzheimer not only learned how to successfully defend his clients but also gained an appreciation for what it means to be truly dedicated to his clients and their cause. For example, when you decide to work with our lawyer, Attorney Hiltzheimer, he will give you his personal cell phone number so you can reach him any time of day. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Raleigh or elsewhere in Wake County, your first step should be to hire an experienced Raleigh criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

What type of criminal cases do we handle?

Attorney Hiltzheimer has represented individuals charged with the full spectrum of criminal offenses. No case is too small, and no case is too big. We pour the same dedication and compassion into every one of our cases. Whether it is your first time being arrested, or you have a lengthy criminal record, you deserve a Raleigh criminal lawyer who will fight hard for you. A few types of cases that our lawyer, Attorney Hiltzheimer regularly handles include:

Larceny and theft offenses

Theft crimes often result in misidentification, especially when police do not follow the proper identification procedures. At Hiltzheimer Law Office, we command an impressive knowledge of the various defenses to Raleigh theft offenses and work with you to develop a strong case. Few people want to steal but end up doing so because they are facing desperate circumstances. At Hiltzheimer Law Office, we recognize that drug addiction, poverty, and cycles of abuse are the root cause of almost all theft crimes. We can effectively help those facing theft charges seek a deferred prosecution in hopes of getting the case dropped, if that is your desire.

Drug crimes

Just because police recovered drugs on you or in your home or car doesn’t mean that you will be found guilty of a Raleigh drug crime. Prosecutors must prove that police legally obtained the narcotics and that you voluntarily possessed them. At Hiltzheimer Law Office, we skillfully prepare motions to suppress unfavorable evidence based on illegal and inappropriate police conduct.

Sex Crimes

Few charges are harder to defend against—and more serious—than a Raleigh sex offense. While the evidence in these cases may seem thin, that will not stop the prosecutor from trying to cast you as someone you aren’t. Those arrested for a sex offense deserve an aggressive criminal defense lawyer who is wholeheartedly dedicated to their defense. At Hiltzheimer Law Office, we will listen to your side of the story and stand up for rights at every step of the process.

Weapons crimes

There are many North Carolina gun crimes, ranging in seriousness from carrying an unlicensed firearm to being a felon in possession of a gun. Given the uptick in gun violence in recent years, police and prosecutors are cracking down on gun crimes, making it essential to have an experienced lawyer who is ready for a fight. One of the most common defenses to a Raleigh gun crime is called a motion to suppress, in which we argue that the recovery of the weapon was in violation of your constitutional rights.

Domestic violence allegations

Although domestic violence cases are highly emotional because they involve people who share a close relationship, the prosecution often lacks significant evidence that a crime occurred. And even when the alleged victim recants—or takes back their story—the state may still prosecute the case. In these cases, credibility is often key because domestic violence cases frequently come down to one person’s word versus another’s. We have extensive experience effectively cross-examining civilian witnesses in all types of Raleigh domestic violence cases.

Homicide offenses

Homicide crimes involve the killing of another person. Depending on the level of intent involved, a homicide is either charged as first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or involuntary manslaughter. Prosecutors charge the crime of felony-murder when someone is killed during the commission of a felony, regardless of the defendant’s intent. Homicide charges can result in a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Those facing a Raleigh homicide crime should immediately reach out to a lawyer to protect their rights and work toward creating a compelling defense.

Traffic offenses

Traffic offenses range in seriousness from speeding to reckless driving to death by vehicle. In fact, few people know that in North Carolina, speeding can be a criminal offense that will stay on your record for years. At Hiltzheimer Law Office, we can effectively defend your license—and your freedom—against even the most serious Raleigh traffic offense.

Driving While Intoxicated and related crimes

Prosecutors take drunk driving offenses, such as DUI/ DWI, extremely seriously. However, DWI cases involve some of the most technical and complex charges. We take a thorough approach to every case, reviewing the finest details to develop a strong defense.

Why do I need a criminal defense lawyer?

At Hiltzheimer Law Office, PLLC, we focus exclusively on criminal defense, so you can be confident that we have the dedication, knowledge, and experience to analyze your case, identify the key legal issues, provide you with sound advice, and aggressively litigate on your behalf. The process of being charged with a serious crime is a stressful one, but having a dedicated advocate by your side can provide invaluable peace of mind.

There are a lot of ways to “win” a case, and winning does not always mean obtaining a “not guilty” verdict in front of a jury. For example, did the police violate your rights when they searched you or your vehicle? If so, you may be able to suppress any evidence that they recovered as a result of the illegal search through a motion to suppress. Are the allegations based loosely on the truth, but consist of a major exaggeration of what really happened? If so, calling the credibility of a witness into question may discredit them.

criminal defense representation in Raleigh, NC
Aggressive criminal defense representation in Raleigh, NC, from misdemeanors to felony charges

Do you have too much on the line to risk going to jail? Would you be willing to accept less serious charges for a guarantee of a probation sentence? These are essential questions that must be asked. As a skilled negotiator both in and out of court, attorney Hiltzheimer has effectively worked out favorable plea agreements in hundreds of cases to guarantee his clients avoid jail time. Of course, the decision to plead guilty is a hard one, and the right to make that decision rests with you and you alone. Our lawyer, Attorney Hiltzheimer will never pressure any client to enter a plea of guilty, but he is there to help negotiate a deal if that is your desire. Sometimes, the prosecution does not see the case in the same way as the defense. When the prosecution refuses to make a reasonable offer, as an experienced Raleigh criminal trial lawyer, attorney Hiltzheimer will not hesitate to take the case to trial.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, everything is on the line, and the decision of which lawyer you choose to represent you is an incredibly important one.  Read client reviews.  Consider the experience and background of the lawyers you speak with. Speak with others in the legal community. Meet with several lawyers before determining who you want to speak for you. It may be one of the most important decisions you make. When you choose Hiltzheimer Law Office, PLLC, you are making a sound decision; one that you will not regret.

At our office, we believe that people should not be judged by their darkest moments. Our mission is to fight for you, both in and out of court, regardless of the type of crime you are facing. Whether it’s a misdemeanor offense such as drug possession, a DWI, shoplifting, or larceny; or a felony breaking and entering, drug distribution/PWISD, child pornography, a sex offense, or first-degree murder, we are committed to fighting on your behalf. We will stand up for your rights at every stage of the process – appearing in court, filing motions, and litigating in front of the judge or jury.

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