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North Carolina Criminal District Court: A “Court of No Record”

I was a public defender in DC for a number of years before my family and I moved to North Carolina and I began practicing criminal law here in NC.  I was tuned into what I believed were real, systemic problems in the criminal justice system in DC during my time there.  Wildly disproportionate prosecution of minorities, judges with...

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Flawed police procedures result in two more tragic wrongful convictions, overturned over three decades later by DNA

Two mentally disabled North Carolina men were finally exonerated this week, after being wrongfully convicted over three decades ago as a result of flawed police interrogation techniques. From the NY Times: The two young defendants were prosecuted by Joe Freeman Britt, the 6-foot-6, Bible-quoting district attorney who was later profiled by “60 Minutes” as the country’s “deadliest D.A.” because...

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