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Guard Extorts Shoplifter for Sex

A disturbing event at a local Raleigh area department store shows the kinds of abuses of power that sometimes happened when private sector security staff become involved in altercations with public citizens. News from the NewsObserver online in February shows a chilling incident at a local Belk store, where a security staff person allegedly tried to extort sex by...

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Odor of alcohol on a driver’s breath, by itself, not enough to support a DWI conviction

While North Carolina’s DWI statute is quite harsh for drivers in Raleigh and statewide, there is a limit to the State’s ability to prosecute individuals on weak evidence of impairment by alcohol.  Specifically, an officer smelling alcohol on a driver’s breath, by itself, is not enough to support a finding of impairment. In a civil case, Atkins v. Moye,...

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