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A disturbing event at a local Raleigh area department store shows the kinds of abuses of power that sometimes happened when private sector security staff become involved in altercations with public citizens.

News from the NewsObserver online in February shows a chilling incident at a local Belk store, where a security staff person allegedly tried to extort sex by texting a 23-year-old woman accused of shoplifting from the store.

According to reports, the text messages tried to convince the woman that sexual favors would be rewarded by a reduced or eliminated sentence. Now, local law enforcement have arrested the 37-year-old security worker, whose case is pending.

Shoplifting and Criminal Defense

In the American justice system, individuals are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. However, the system does not always work fairly, and those accused of a wide range of nonviolent crimes are often unduly or harshly penalized because of someone else’s actions. That can be someone in security staff, as in this case, or someone within the justice system who is not representing events fairly or otherwise manipulating the legal process. Or, as in other disturbing events involving extortion and abuse of power, it could be someone within a workplace, or even an opportunistic outsider trying to prey on the vulnerability of someone who has been targeted by local law enforcement.

A professional Raleigh shoplifting attorney will step in to help defend those who may not be able to defend themselves against a complex and often intimidating legal system. Criminal defense lawyers will do the fact finding and research required to document what really happened in a shoplifting case or other misdemeanor charge or criminal accusation. Individuals rely on these legal professionals to represent them and get them access to justice under the law.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Raleigh, North Carolina

The best Raleigh shoplifting attorney teams work with knowledge of federal and state laws, as well as familiarity with local Raleigh, North Carolina laws and ordinances, in order to effectively represent their clients’ best interests in court. These professionals can keep those with pending criminal charges informed about their options and their status, and how to get fair sentencing or penalties for a misdemeanor charge or other similar charge.

If you or someone in your family has been unfairly targeted by law enforcement or anyone else, talk to the Raleigh shoplifting attorney professionals at The Hiltzheimer Firm. We have experience representing North Carolina individuals and families against many different kinds of unjust allegations or abuses of process. We will work with you to figure out the legal status of the case, and how to move forward with your best interests in mind. Call or visit us online to arrange for a free consultation, to help get legal power on your side as you face legal challenges.


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