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* According to Washington Governor Jay Inslee, in a hyperbolic defense of his state’s imposition of a new law that gives the police yet another reason to intrude on your ability to travel freely without interference by law enforcement.

They’re calling it “E-DUI” — driving under the influence of electronic devices.  Meanwhile in every city in America:

Cop Driving While Impaired on Laptop?


It will be interesting to see how the public reacts to the obvious hypocrisy of a law that outlaws innocuous conduct by citizens while entirely overlooking far more egregious instances of the same conduct by law enforcement.  I predict that no one will care because we are apparently a nation of people who love to surrender our liberty at the altar of police power.

As for a silver lining, I’ll look forward to citing the Governor of Washington at my next DWI trial for the proposition that driving with a .08 BAC is less dangerous than driving with a cellphone.  As a matter of logical consistency, given that driving while talking on a cellphone remains legal in North Carolina, driving with a .08 BAC should result in an automatic not guilty.



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