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Along with an emergence of new Raleigh, North Carolina nightlife, local law enforcement is getting serious about enforcing DWIs through an enhanced system of sobriety checkpoints. Local reporting online from February shows a consistent framework of sobriety checkpoints that apparently have been initiated, in part, by previous DWI court cases.

In addition to the traditional sobriety checkpoint, reporters are noting other kinds of control situations including “saturation patrols” in busy downtown areas, where police officers may observe bar patrons and others, to try to determine who is driving under the influence.

Working Within the Process

One item that’s also revealed in the February report is that previously, some judges ruled that Raleigh law enforcement departments could not use checkpoint evidence in court, because of a lack of consistent guidelines.

One case that was reported on involved an officer mandating a blood test without a warrant, after poor performance on field sobriety tests and a driver who declined to give a breath test.

State officials, law enforcement workers attorneys all understand that it’s important to enforce traffic laws to decrease traffic fatalities and injuries. However, it’s also important that law enforcement departments work within the legal framework, in order to avoid abuses of power that can have devastating effects on those who may be unfairly or excessively targeted.

Many of those local Raleigh drivers who are singled out for DWI enforcement can have their sentences adjusted, or even get their cases thrown out, be relying on a professional Raleigh DUI defense attorney who will evaluate whether a traffic stop or other police activity was in keeping with federal, state and local law. Many times, elements of the legal process are not followed correctly, which can lead local judges to dismiss a case. When individuals are charged, on the other hand, they may face extreme penalties on drivers licensing, as well as financial costs, not limited to fines, but also extending to costs that they may have to pay for their involvement in the legal process, for instance, the costs of wearing a monitoring device. Many will also face strict family and lifestyle changes as a result of probation.

A Raleigh DUI Defense Attorney will help to balance the legal process to understand the rights and needs of local DUI/DWI defendants and their families against the need to enforce traffic laws uniformly and fairly.

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