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One of the various judgments imposed by North Carolina courts in DUI cases involves the use of an ignition interlock device that will help monitor the behaviors of someone previously charged with these kinds of traffic violations. Knowing about specific rules and restrictions for convicted drivers is part of building a personal defense in local courts.

What Is an Ignition Interlock Device?

The ignition interlock device is essentially a breathalyzer machine installed on the dashboard of a vehicle. This device will capture blood-alcohol content from the driver prior to turning the engine on, and if alcohol content exceeds a certain threshold, it will prevent the engine from starting.

Some have described the ignition interlock as an “all the time Breathalyzer” or “remote breathalyzer” that will continually monitor whether that individual can safely be on the road. Unlike sobriety checkpoints for other traffic control checks, the ignition interlock works consistently to prevent impaired drivers from going out into traffic.

North Carolina Ignition Interlock Laws

A section of North Carolina law called GS20-17.8 addresses the use of ignition interlock devices within the state. The use of ignition interlock is mandatory for some repeat offenses, and may be ordered dependent on a documented BAC threshold. Ignition interlocks are also commonly applied after license restoration, where certain legal timelines apply. In some cases, drivers can get financial hardship or medical exemptions from mandatory ignition interlock monitoring.

The North Carolina rules on ignition interlock and other driving restrictions are complex, and some of them are due to change in December of 2014. Drivers charged with DUI rely on a Raleigh DUI defense attorney to inform them about state and local laws on legal penalties, restrictions and consequences for DUI, and how to apply them to a particular case.

Getting Help in Raleigh, NC

A professional Raleigh DUI defense attorney works to advance his or her clients’ interests by looking in-depth at the details of their case, for example, where they were stopped, how they were evaluated, and how their DUI charge was documented by law enforcement in the field. These lawyers work to make sure that their clients are not unfairly targeted or so and without for harsh punishment as state officials worked to keep drunk drivers off of North Carolina roots.

Those who are charged with a DUI or similar traffic violation can get help from the experts at Hiltzheimer Law Office, PLLC. We are dedicated to helping individuals prepare a proper and deliberate defense to protect their livelihoods and future finances against excessive prosecution of charges against them. Call (919) 899-9405 or go online for a free consultation, and get legal representation on your side of a DUI/DWI defense case.

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