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One of the many processes that DUI/DWI-convicted North Carolina drivers will go through is the eventual reinstatement of a suspended license. License suspensions vary, depending on the type of offense, multiple offense status, and other factors.

One thing that many defendants don’t understand about license reinstatement is that, like other aspects of working through a violation conviction, it will require specific processes and costs. People sometimes think that you just ‘automatically get your license back’ after a period of suspension, but this is a simplistic way of looking at the process that doesn’t show the full picture.

North Carolina License Reinstatement

Typically, those applying for reinstatement of a North Carolina license need to go to the state Department of Motor Vehicles office. They will apply for a new license where prior points will be taken away, and they will have to pay license restoration and service fees. In some cases, applicants may be asked to complete another written or practice test to get their new licenses.

The Context of DUI/DWI Restoration

The process of applying for a new license is just part of what convicted drivers need to do to work through the penalties and consequences of violation convictions. Lots of these requirements involve multiple visits to a courthouse or Department of Motor Vehicles office, along with various kinds of paperwork and presentation of documents. Different kinds of costs apply — for instance, defendants may be required to pay some of the cost of equipment and services for driving restrictions such as ignition interlocks. Many of them also face significant court costs.

A professional attorney works to defend North Carolina residents facing DUI/DWI charges against excessive or unfair prosecution. In general, legal teams try to balance the North Carolina traffic laws that protect the public good with the need to provide support for a defendant’s livelihood and financial future. With this in mind, lawyers may seek exceptions or specific leniency on DUI/DWI penalties, for example, restricted driving setups that allow an individual to keep a job.

Start Your Defense

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