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We all know that Driving Under the Influence or Driving While Intoxicated is a serious kind of charge, with substantial consequences for those accused. But how does this kind of infraction make its way through the North Carolina legal process?

Local affiliate WRAL maintains some basic resources on Raleigh DUI/DWI law on its web site. These practical summaries of local law around intoxicated driving serve to remind the public of what drivers face when they’re charged with a DUI or DWI charge after encountering law enforcement patrols or sobriety checkpoints.

This guide points out that in North Carolina as in the rest of the country, illegal blood alcohol concentration levels above .08% trigger the kinds of legal liabilities involved in DUI/DWI violations. It also lays out the general guidelines for first offenses, which often involve jail time and suspension of a license, and harsher penalties for repeat offenses. Another thing that this guide mentions is the ongoing treatment or education programs that are often associated with even a first offense.

What this guide doesn’t cover is some of the lesser known consequences of DUI enforcement and conviction, such as costs for imposed monitoring equipment, or the range of factors that may weigh on a DUI/DWI case, and be useful in its defense. For example, there’s the issue of due process and fair enforcement, which is often overlooked unless the defendant has access to legal representation.

Evaluating Raleigh DUI/DWI Cases

The mandatory legal consequences of North Carolina DUI and DWI charges are part of why it’s so important for accused drivers to utilize qualified legal representation. Professional local Raleigh DUI attorney firms know what their clients are facing in terms of punishments that will cause a loss of income and other difficulties, which is why Raleigh NC DUI defense attorneys evaluate every aspect of a client’s case.

Using knowledge of federal, state and local law along with their familiarity with the standard DUI/DWI case, qualified defense attorneys can give their clients the best chance of presenting a defense that will reduce or eliminate sentences that would take away their jobs or take them away from their families. Everyone understands that DWI/DUI are strongly enforced to protect the innocent, but without good legal representation, someone facing these kinds of charges may be subject to unfair or incongruous treatment related to another driver accused of the very same crimes. Adding qualified legal counsel to the process allows for fairness and balanced pursuit of the common good.

Getting Help From a Raleigh DUI Attorney

North Carolina residents facing DUI/DWI charges or violations can call the offices of Hiltzheimer Law Office, PLLC. Our lawyers will help you to understand the charges that you are facing, what they may mean, and what your chances are of appealing or defending yourself against extended sentencing. Get a free consultation for DUI charges in Raleigh or local nearby areas like Wake County by calling (919) 899-9405  or contacting us online. Let us help you to access your rights under the law.

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